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Over the weekend, <strong>Ceelo Green </strong>hit the stage for Virgin Mobile’ 6th Annual Freefest at  Merriweather Post Pavillion. After a night of partying at Stadium in D.C., he made his way to a brunch Radio One was having to honor troops at Indulge.

Check out my interview with Cee Lo as he talks about <strong>Christina Aguilera </strong>being a DIVA, the <strong>Goodie Mob </strong>album, working with<strong> Melanie Fiona</strong>, and his musical success.

<strong>Kelson</strong>: Goodie Mob album:

CeeLo: “no doubt. it’s happening as we speak. It’s definitely new and an improved, but certainly a continuation and not a change.

Kelson: How do you feel about your music being so different, but it is received so well?

CeeLo: I’m not sure man. I’m really fortunate for me to have this foresight, but ultimately it is an act of faith. You have to go out on faith.

Kelson: When you record an album, do you think, ‘let me do this song for radio’, and the rest ‘I’m going to do me’?

CeeLo: Well you gotta look at it like this. A song like..”F*ck U”, you wouldn’t think that it work for radio, but in one regard, I’m still revolutionary for making it. I didn’t make the song for the sake of destruction. I just wanted to broaden the horizon on what Black music can be.

Kelson: Was that song personal? Like for one person in particular?

CeeLo: Not really. We all been through that time. You know what I think was good about the song was it gave everybody to say f*ck you (laughing) about whatever. The boss at your job, the bills, taxes.

Kelson: Your song “I’m A Fool” with Melanie Fiona. I was suprised that you did that song. It’s a GRRREAT song.

CeeLo: Man, that’s one of my favorite songs. Thanks to my man Jack Splash. Me and my man Jack we were a group, The Heart Attack. You wouldn’t believe that the song is like 6 years old.

Kelson: Why did you pick Melanie for that record?

CeeLo: I think she has a great look, new fresh talent, and a clean voice. I thought she would really add to it, and she did. I believe because of that her ambition and that creative chemistry between us-slowly but surely it became a great record. I didn’t know it would be so big.

Kelson: Speaking of voice, are you going back to be on ‘The Voice’?

CeeLo: Season 2 it starts in October.

Kelson:I can imagine it takes alot of your time.

CeeLo: It’s definitely a day job.I don’t worry about it though. I like it.

Kelson: Now they said, Christina Aguilera was a diva on the show. Is there any truth to this?

CeeLo: She’s a diva already. She’s got a glam squad. The word diva stems from a negative stigment. She’s a woman. A Queen, and she’s a King. She’s royally successful. So, I can’t knock her about nothing. Thats Christina Aguilera. To me, she has one of the greatest voices of our time and I got nothing but respect for her.

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