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Everything that glitters, damn sure ain’t gold. Meeka “I Be Poppin’ Bottles” Claxton can sit on that BBW reunion show and act like her life is so crystal clear. But, when you scratch below the surface, all the dirt and bones comes to light.

Get the details on Meeka Claxton’s husband, Speedy, alleged estranged child.

Via Balleralert

When Speedy Claxton met Meeka, he was dating a girl named Jasmine O’neal. A very beautiful, college educated girl. Jasmine ended up pregnant and Speedy’s response was to get rid of the baby or he would refuse to be a part of her or the child’s life. Needless to say, Jasmine chose her child, while Speedy chose Meeka. Jasmine and Speedy’s daughter is pushing 10 now, and though he is not in her life, AT ALL, he does pay the Porsche Panamera Jasmine is driving. She is currently engaged to a football player, but Speedy needs to be put on blast for not being in his daughters life. It’s weird and wrong

I have some words for Speedy….Handle Your Scandal!

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