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It’s over already! The reality show, “Love & Hip Hop” has its first season finale tonight. The seven part season had its ups and downs. While some relationships flourished, others decayed. In between all of the craziness, here’s what we learned from watching.

1. Talking slick has consequences. Somaya Reece speaks a lot about her former life in the hood. The problem with the model/rapper and her camp is they can’t keep their mouths shut. Somaya and Chrissy had words in a bathroom because Chrissy didn’t appreciate Somaya’s approach in getting Jim Jones on a track. When Jim turned the song down, Reece’s manager, Maurice, was at a yacht party with the ladies, taunting,”Make more than ten stacks a show and then, you’re doing something.” All bets were off when Jones walked up on Maurice in a restaurant, making him apologize to the camera about his loose rap.

2. Ladies, it’s okay to propose to your man. Too many people get caught up in tradition. While traditional women are sitting in a relationship waiting for their man to propose, Chrissy was on her modern woman grind. Tired of waiting for Jim Jones to pop the question, she decided to get on one knee and ask him. Drama ensues when Mama Jones storms out during the proposal. A note to the fellas, saying “I’m with you.” isn’t a synonym for yes in this situation.

3. You shouldn’t throw stones if you live in a glass house. When Olivia and Emily were hanging out at the pool, the topic of men came up. G-Unit’s former First Lady mentioned she was dating Darrelle Revis of the Jets. What Liv didn’t know was Emily is his stylist. Of course, she ran back and asked him about their status. When he denied any relationship, Emily called Olivia out. However, Emily has a man and can’t get him to participate in family activities because of the cameras. Emily and Fab must not have iPhone 4s because he is giving her no face time.

4. Rich Dollaz is not to be played with. As Olivia’s manager, Rich Dollaz was introduced as a hard working man who supports his clients to the fullest. He showed a glimpse of his temper when talking to Maurice and Somaya about the argument on the yacht. Nobody knew he would go ballistic when it came to Somaya trash talking Olivia in a Vlad TV interview. After wrapping the video for “December,” Dollaz gets a text informing him of Somaya’s comments of making Olivia relevant again. He becomes enraged and vents his frustrations. Needless to say, he meant business when he said, “Congratulations, you just ended your career before it even started!” Sidenote: how crazy is it for Somaya to say Olivia’s not relevant when she is sleeping in her producer’s attic on an air mattress?

5. Therapy is necessary. When I say therapy, I don’t mean a $250 an hour session with a doctor. I’m talking about anything that helps release stress. Olivia sings. If she couldn’t, she said she would slit her own throat. Whoa! Emily being the quiet one lets her sexuality run rampant with steamy poems she writes on her Blackberry. Recurring character, Mashonda got her to perform one and Emily’s confidence went through the roof. As for Chrissy, she will get at you in a minute if you aren’t coming correct. She doesn’t need therapy. At least, not yet.

The Love & Hip-Hop Season Finale Will be on tonight at 8pm!


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