Jim Jones is being sued by two  Houston women over their boobs shown in his new “Summer Time” video.

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Samantha Stotts and Sharie Johnson have some topless fun in the sun during the rated R clip, which shows the rapper sipping Champagne and counting $100 bills.

“It makes me look like I’m a ho,” Stotts said.

The two women were on a sexy South Beach getaway when Jones and his posse began filming them as they go topless in the sand and surf.

The pair never thought the footage would end up on the Internet.

“I don’t have a problem with rap-video girls,” Johnson said. “But I never wanted to do this.”

The video was viewed more than 30,000 times before YouTube yanked it late Thursday for violating the site’s “policy on nudity or sexual content.”

“It was supposed to be fun and natural,” Stotts said of going topless. “But then you have someone who turns it into a rap video, which is totally unacceptable.”

The suit in Manhattan Supreme Court targets Jones and Sony Music Entertainment, accusing the two of violating the civil rights of the women. 

 “They’re beautiful women and they knew they were being filmed,” said their lawyer Taso Pardalis. “At a minimum, [Jones] should have asked permission before putting up a video on the Internet of someone half-naked.”

“They made us look very risqué,” Stotts said. “That’s not my personality.”