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Coffee-Lover-736038[1]How do you handle your lover interacting with attractive friends, family and co-workers? Can you leave the room with confidence? Check out comments from Love Zone listeners and feel free to leave your thoughts.


Here are some of the facebook and twitter comments from tonight’s show. Make sure you check out the Love Zone at 10pm Sun.-Thurs. To join the virtual Love Zone conversation log on to


Keyone – until you understand the meaning of the word trust, you will always answer this question no…most people will answer this queston no because they know that if they were put in the same situation that they would be the one who is untrustworthy!!!


Lori – Yes, there will always be eye candy and if he didn’t look, he’d be lying to himself. There’s no harm in looking.


Katherine – ma friends yeah ma family no. Ma nasty cousins have been caught sloppin on ma men so hell no i dont trust fam


Joye – Yes I will trust my lover 2 a certain extent but at the same time if u leave 2 much rope somebody is going 2 hang there self


Teresa – Yes i do because he knows that everything that looks good isn’t good.


Trey – Honestly i do. because trust is a great thing. But then again it would feel like competition somewhat.. but i personally would because i trust my partner and my friends,Family members and co-workers.


Kim – I have to say that if you cannot trust you lover in a room full of sexy people then its not a relationship 4 you. A relationship should be based off trust. If you cannot trust your lover then let them go.


Gaia – It shouldn’t matter if you truly love that person total and

unconditionally. You don’t see anyone else in your eyesight

but him/her, then there are no problems – right?


Lynette – Your man is gonna see sexy people for the rest of his life…as long as he doesn’t stray there is nothing to worry about…if he lays next to you at night and wakes up in the morning with you there’s gotta be some type of commitment there…


Danielle – I did at one point, until my ex ended up sleeping with one of my family members. They used the line, they were drunk.