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Monday’s Love Zone was a hot one with guys sharing their experiences being dads that are often disrespected by the courts, family and society at large. I love it when the guys control the show!


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Are dads disrespected??


Jayhighly, but then again we are the ones that put ourself in these predicaments so, can’t really say too much about the issue


Prioleau – The fathers and supposed to be men that have given up on their responsibility in early years have set a mental block on our ladies that make them turn on the good men when we make a small mistake. Making it double hard for us as men to prove who we really want to be…..men! But fellas…don’t give up.


Damon – yep that’s how I feel..Been in my step kids lives for over 10 years and am under appreciated fully. Its like we are all here just to pay child support and be talked about badly. I am a great dad but none of my kids see it.


Mario – go back in the day to how things were. U know mom was the one who played both roles. U know daddy wasn’t there & u had to take it for what it was. Like I am 23 yrs old, I have never seen my father. Because he left my brother me, when I was still just 8 months old. Some dads do their part; but not enough. So no I don’t think they’re treated unfairly.


Eric – No because they really don’t do nothing for their child and they just depend on the mother! Not all dads are like that but most of them are!


Terry – younger fathers starting to step up, I think its the other way round its starting to be a lot of dead beat moms cause they getting so much government help that they take advantage of not raising there kids and just wait til checks and stamps come out they don’t have any concern with the kids cause the father or the father side of the family always got the child


Daniel – Men are alwayz unfairly treated, bt I think datz Becuz There are more men with kidz that are not activly being fartherz to there kidz who give those of us who are being gd fartherz a badd name


Darnell J.  – i believe so, due in part to statistics, there are alot of deadbeats who dnt take of their kids but for those who do its a hassle to get support from dss, where dss is more inclined to help the mothers





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