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Shouts to all the freshman students who are so happy to begin this new path in life! Alittle advice! Take in all the educational lessons that come your way (you’re paying for it) and make plenty friends (they’re the ones you may NOT see at graduation~just kidding)! Finally, AVOID THE FRESHMAN 15!!!

I found this website www.freshman15.com that will give you tips on what foods to avoid late at night as well as what alcoholic beverages to stay away from (just not smart to drink underage anyway.)

Here are just a few that I found helpful:

Avoid Eating Food Late at Night

After drinking away many hours of the night, the typical freshman gets hungry. The typical food of choice at 1 or 2 am is pizza by the slice. This food is easy to obtain, cheap, and satisfying. Pizza can be greasy and eating before sleeping (or passing out) means your body has to digest and break down all that cheese and dough not to mention all of that alcohol you drank for the past 3 or four hours. All night your stomach processes this, and adds weight to the freshman 15.

Avoid Eating Unhealthy Cafeteria Food

Cafeteria food is hard to avoid, especially for freshmen. Gaining weight is typical when eating unhealthy foods, and the cafeteria has plenty of unhealthy food. Freshman should try to stay away from sweets such as ice cream, cookies, fried foods, un-identifiable meat, cream cheese, chips and donuts. By avoiding these foods, freshman will be more effective in fighting the freshman fifteen.

For more, go to www.freshman15.com! Enjoy COLLEGE!!!

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