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Loud speakers, thumping bass, people spilling drinks and girls dressed in their best is cool and all, but the club is nothing without those certain songs that get the people dancing and get the party poppin’.

Even a hole-in-the wall club can deliver a great time, it’s all about the tunes! These 9 (don’t ask why we chose 9) classics are the ones that have you throwing your drinks in the air, wining your waist and singing in the ear of that stranger your dancing with.

Foxy Brown and Black Street- Gotta Get You Home

This is how one night stands happen.

Ll Cool J- Doin’ It

This is the song that gets all the females grinding!

Bel Biv Devoe- Poison

All the 80’s babies stand up!

Juvenile- Back That Ass Up

A** shaking contest in full effect!

Chopper-Choppa Style

Dirty South stand up!

Ciara- Promise

You have to have rhythm to dance to this.

Soulja Boy Tell’em- Donk

A** shaking contest part 2.

Fatman Scoop- Be Faithful

Get the crowd hype!

Queen Pen- Party Ain’t A Party

Keep the party poppin’


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