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‘Precious’ star Gabourey Sidibe is taking advantage of her rise to fame. She tells PEOPLE magazine about her taste in men and how she proposed to Trey Songz!!

Gabourey’s interview with PEOPLE:

I am looking for someone who is so sweet, who offers to help me put on my shoes before an event.”

She also has a thing for musicians, as evidenced by her public declarations of love – or, at least, affection – for Justin Timberlake. For now, though, there’s another singer catching her eye.

‘I’m super crushing on Trey Songz,’ she says. ‘I used to listen to his music when I worked in an office, and when I met him a few weeks ago, I couldn’t contain my excitement.’ During their first conversation Sidibe recalls asking the singer, ‘Now that we go to the same events, you think I’m cool, right? Do you want to date? We could just get married!’”

So maybe Trey was thinking about ‘Precious’ when he said “BOTTOMS UP”? *blank stare*