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When Dave Chappelle had a show everyone (mostly everyone) would agree that is was one of the funniest shows on television. He did a hilarious spoof of 2pac’s futuristic-like songs called “I Wrote This Song In 94”

The lyrics go something like this:

“I wrote this song a long time ago

A real long time ago

Way before Slim Shady was in demand

Way before we dropped baloney on Afghanistan

I wrote this song in ’94

How am I doin’ this?

Look around the club, see everyone in the place

Showing ‘Pac love got a smile on my face

The girl in the miniskirt has bad taste

Because her shirt don’t match

And there’s a puddin’ stain on the back

What the {fuck} is that?

It might be doo-doo

And you in the back, you ain’t {shit}

You bought a gin and tonic but you didn’t even tip

And if you hit the table one more time then the record might skip

Might skip… I told you, stop hittin’ the table”

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