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I have an entirely new respect for Drake, hip hop’s MVP in the game right now. Our interview took place during a conference call that he started off by thanking the DJs and programming directors around the country for taking a liking to “Over.” Drake is one of , if not, the humblest, most down-to-earth artists I have ever interviewed. It’s rare that you see that in a 23-year old.

“I’ve been blessed to see the level of success that people only dream of,” Drake admits.

The Toronto-based rapper is tremendously grounded and humbled by his success. “I tell people about MY LIFE, not ‘The Life’.”

While explaining the long wait for his debut album “Thank Me Later”, he expressed that his injured leg was the cause for the delay. “I am inspired by life and when you are not able to authentically experience it, it takes a toll on you.”

When asked what he thinks about being compared to the new and upcoming artist J. Cole, Drake admitted that he himself is a fan of Cole’s music and wishes him great success and looks forward to collaborating with him and Lupe Fiasco in the near future.

Drake says that there are a lot of great artists out today but he refuses to get caught up with other people’s expectations of he and his music. “I am constantly battling against one person–myself. I am more concerned with pleasing people who have faith in and believe in me more than the critics.”

He ended the interview with “Music is like sex or sleep. It’s euphoric when you hit it right.”

Well said Drake, well said.