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NBA’s Shaquille O’Neal is used to getting double-teamed on the basketball court, but I’m not sure if he can beat this one: his soon to be ex-wife and mistress have teamed up against him.

According to, Shaunie O’Neal and one of his jumpoff’s Vanessa Lopez are using the same investigator who has uncovered, what they say, is a significant amount of damaging information against the NBA superstar.

Here’s what they’re reporting:

Shaq’s wife Shaunie filed for divorce in November, 2009 and while trying to improve her financial settlement she hired an investigator to dig up dirt on her husband, a source tells exclusively. The investigator discovered Shaq’s multi-year relationship with Vanessa Lopez, who is now represented by Los Angeles powerhouse attorney Gloria Allred and suing Shaq.

Shaq has a prenuptial agreement with his wife and she needed information that he cheated to use as leverage for a better financial settlement, the source said.

And Shaunie got the leverage. In fact, after Shaunie discovered her husband’s long-running affair with Lopez and she approached Lopez – but not to rip into her, instead Shaunie wanted the affair made public!

“Shaunie tried to convince Vanessa to go public about the affair before Vanessa did go public,” the source told exclusively. “And she wanted Vanessa to go to the police too, based on allegations she heard about Shaq harassing her.


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