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Back in the fall of 2015, an outrageous story by a woman named Zola had Twitter enthralled. The stripper, A’Ziah “Zola” Wells, weaved an Oscar-worthy tale of sex, murder, violence and intrigue, and Backpage, that just had to get optioned into a movie, which it did. Fast-forward to today and the film, Zola, premiered at […]

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Presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders battled it out on Thursday during MSNBC's Democratic Candidates Debate in Durham, New Hampshire.

The film will be directed by James and written by Andew Neel and Mike Roberts.

  You do know that the William’s sister are world class TITLE holding Tennis Stars.  But I wonder if you remember that they are from Compton, CA.  Yeah same place Kendrick Lamar and Eazy E and them from.  Well the other day when she was in her bag, because she had a feeling that something […]

The Washington Post dug deep into Zola's account and found that most of her story could be verified.