Like many of us, actress Vivica A. Foxx isn't here for Donald Trump or his blatantly ignorant comments about women and Hillary Clinton.

A woman calls up Spirit and with some questions about her two-year relationship with a man who she suspects of still being involved in some capacity with his baby mama. She feels as though his attentions are split in a way that goes beyond parenting the same child with her, and asks for Spirit’s advice. […]

Underserved women are affected the most, according to the study. Approximately two-thirds of women in jail identify with a minority group; 44 percent are Black, 15 percent Hispanic, and five percent are of other racial/ethnic backgrounds. Thirty six percent of women in jail identify as White.

Bernice Jenkins announces that sundress season has been canceled. While this might disappoint some people, she’s very pleased with the decision. She explains what she saw while she was in line at McDonalds that contributes to her happiness about the cancellation of sundress season. Listen to the audio player to hear her explain more in […]

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show,” and spoke to Rickey Smiley about what she has planned, if elected President of the United States in November. Among those who Clinton intends to set policies to positively impact: Black men, HBCUs and women. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Clinton also spoke about how […]

Rickey Smiley explains the importance of a man being a gentleman in a relationship, and what exactly that means. He talks about the duties a man has to the woman he loves, and what’s at stake if a man does not live up to those standards. Check out the video above to hear his important message! Sign Up […]

A Baltimore woman was “blown off” her toilet in 2014 after a sewer line back up. Angela Wright says, “I was literally covered in feces. Are you kidding me who wants that?” The incident caused $14,000 in unpaid damages. The city hired contractors Heitkamp and Spinello to clean the sewer line in Wright’s neighborhood with high-pressure hoses, […]

Corey Holcomb has an important P.S.A. for weaved women everywhere- there are some serious dangers that come with leaving in weave for too long, and its affecting…

FLOTUS chimed in on the emoji conversation following feminine brand Always' ad campaign to encourage confidence in young women with their campaign "Like A Girl."

It's been a long time coming, but women are slowly and surely being taken seriously as power players in sports organizations.

Burn victim, who received an International Women of Courage Award from First Lady Michelle Obama, is now the new face of a fashion campaign.

Rickey Smiley talks social media and reveals one function of it that he truly enjoys: poking. Click on the audio player to hear Rickey explain who…