Iknow you’re dealing with a lot right now so it’s understandable that you snap when something irritates you. Just calm down. You have a quiet house right now so take this time to de-stress! Follow these tips: Book a LOCAL vacation for yourself.  It doesn’t need to be an extravagant affair, just an opportunity to […]

We really have to stop ignoring the issues about a possible government shut down because this can effect us in many ways. Some of us could lose our jobs, benefits, and livelyhood. Who would have imagined our country would be in this position? Well, when you have stubborn politicians who refuse to give in or […]

Today’s Motivational Minute, i sit down with the beautiful and very intelligent, Miss Jill Scott! She and I sat down and discussed her latest role in the David E. Talbert movie Baggage Claim (based on his book) where she plays an overly aggressive and eager Miss Gail who holds no bars when it comes to […]

Ever wonder why your co-worker is always in the worst mood on most days? It’s probably because they haven’t had a good “SIT DOWN”. You know…POOP! Some folks have trouble with staying regular and I found some tips (how convenient) that might help get some things off your mind: (that was a joke) Drink plenty […]

A friend of mine told me she is ready to break her foot off in her teenage son’s ass! Sound familiar? I’m sure it does. Even I wanted to choke the hell out of my teenager but I knew that prison orange doesn’t bring out my complexion the way other colors do. So I went […]

Why are Monday’s so hard to get through? It’s just a day isn’t it? Not exactly! When Friday approaches, your thought process is “good! I can relax and not think about work or school! I can just do me!” Monday is that reminder that you still have some unfinished business or it’s time to tackle […]

  With all the events that I put together, it had to take a lot of conversations and PRAYER to convince him that they’ll work for the better of the company or even the customer. They respect my ambition and have gone along with every idea (take away about two) that I had. They know […]

Ever sit in the back of the company cafeteria and watch the “higher-ups” walk by laughing at their corny jokes, feeling as though their lives have to be the best ever right? Well, you’ll never know unless you become a boss yourself! So, how does that happen? Here’s how: Know the business you’re in. Be […]

    How do you handle a cyber bully? Do you use the same strategy as you would when handling a school yard bully? Probably not. What most people (and I do mean parents) don’t know is that the majority of the cyber bullying that goes on in our kids’ lives are mostly done by […]

      Today ends Suicide Prevention Week, but we’ll be living with the affects of suicide forever! Everyday, there are hundreds of thousands of victims who are dealing with various problems that result in suicide and as a result of that, families and loved ones are left with the fact that their loved one […]

It’s still Suicide Prevention Week and we’re focusing on the acronym S.A.V.E. Earlier this week, I covered “S” for Signs and “A” for Advocate. Today, the “V” is for Victim. Who are the victims of suicide? Anyone can be a victim of suicide. But this is where the signs come in: Who is a victim […]

In honor of the victims and families of victims of suicide, I’m recognizing Suicide Prevention Week this week with the focus on S.A.V.E. Yesterday, I covered “S” for Signs. Today, I’m going to look at “A” for Advocate. Meaning finding ways for  you to make a difference in getting the information out about suicide prevention. […]