Not everyone has a special valentine. So I get it when the depression sets in as you watch your friends and co-workers brag and boast about their flowers (that’ll just die in a week), chocolates (that’ll spike up their sugar) and special date (that they hadn’t had in months). No need to be upset about […]

If you are TOTALLY OVER THE WINTER, as am I, I found some tips to help get your mind off of this mess: Exercise As if we needed another reason to get fit! Exercise isn’t only for maintaining your weight and staying healthy. It’s great for relieving the stresses of life. Eat a Healthy Diet […]

It is said that domestic violence cases increase across the US during the time of the Super Bowl. It’s an emotional time for many who are aggressive with their love for the game and for whatever reason, it’s reason to take it out on the people we love through violence. The widely held belief that […]

Stop ASSuming you know someone’s story and their success story! It looks so much easier from the angle we’re looking from doesn’t it? Well, I’m sure it’s not! Please, please…PLEASE stop ASSuming! It makes you an ASS! Tips: Stop listening to gossip. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Put yourself in another person’s shoes. […]

I hear folks say “Man! I just want a job!” and are surprised when the “job” they get doesn’t satisfy them they way they had imagined it would. So, would you now say you’re looking for a “career”? There is a difference. What is it? A career is the pursuit of a lifelong ambition or […]

We all have that one (maybe two) lazy co-worker that seems to get away with everything! They come to work late, don’t complete their assignments, refuse to contribute to ideas but always one to complain, last to check in and first to leave out! Yup! Stop stressing, fall back and follow these tips: Don’t get […]

My trip to Las Vegas was the AH-HA moment that I needed to get back on my game! My girlfriends and I went to a restaurant that had a mechanical bull. When I asked if I could get on, the operator asked me about my weight. I wasn’t too embarrassed when I told him I […]

We all have that friend, co-worker, or family member that has no filter when it comes to expressing their true feelings about some things. When it’s gift giving time, is it me or do you want to strangle that ungrateful person who simply didn’t receive your gift well and didn’t try hard to hide it? […]

Everyone is running around with their Christmas lists, trying to get the best deals on this and that. Trying to make sure their families are well provided for on Christmas. We’re reminded as we drive into work who aren’t remembered during the holidays. Whether it’s the man at the intersection who holds up a sign […]

I have a special introvert in my life and sometimes it frustrates me when he’s not the social butterfly that I am, but he’s still special. He doesn’t like big crowds and he doesn’t like the limelight. He prefers a quiet night at home, in front of the TV and a snack in his hand […]

I found a few things I could be doing on a snowy day like this but I’m at work so until 2 O’clock, these tips wouldn’t be much help. However, you’re home today so why waste some perfectly good suggestions on what to do to make the best of a snow day? YOU CAN: Work […]

I have read some awesome quotes from some pretty awesome leaders. Unfortunately, these are quotes that we read once that matriarch has left us and we’re left to ponder on their impact they donated to the world. Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa, humanitarian, and compassionate leader, passed away at the age of 95 […]