I’ve learned a long time ago from a college roommate that you can do some pretty awesome things when you’re by yourself. At first, I thought she was weird but she told me that those moments are the best for her because she can think, enjoy without interruption, leave when she’s ready and stay as […]

Ever been that person who was upset or in the worst mood and the people around you became miserable? Yeah, it’s magnetic! So, if you’re struggling to change your negative mood around and someone around is in a bad mood, try hard to stay as positive as you can be (but don’t over do it! […]

Ever hear the saying “misery loves company”? It’s so true. Miserable people are the most negative and dangerous people you could ever encounter and it’s best to stay clear of them if you can help it. What if you’re that miserable person? Well, if you are, know that you’re not helping anyone (or yourself) by […]

How happy were you to hear that today is the first day of Spring? I know it’s probably gonna snow next week, but the fact is….it’s the FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!!! Yooooo….hoooooo!!! So, now that SPRING has SPRUNG…how do we get out of this old winter funk? Take a Sunshine Vitamin Can’t get your normal […]

I’m learning that people are really worried about my well-being. I have no idea why but I’m thinking it’s because of the faces that I make. What most people don’t know is that I CANNOT SEE MY FACE! I think ALOT! I mean ALOT! My mind is always somewhere else and my face tends to […]

I was introduced to a very harsh reality check by a woman I thought was a friend and whom I respected highly for who she is to my family. The reality was that (in my opinion, I could be wrong) she probably meant what she said and probably wanted to say what she said a […]

I spoke last week about finding ways to clear your mind and meditate. I shared with you that it was close to impossible to meditate due to the constant issues that I have going on in my life with family, work and everything else. The best person to give advice on this would be none […]

Ever feel like you’re stuck? It can be in a marriage, relationship, job, neighborhood! What we don’t know that we control our own destiny. Instead, we look to others who have absolutely no influence on our lives. I mean, yeah, it’s your mom’s advice, but it’s your life! So if you’re stuck, what will mom […]

The most common circles of domestic violence are in the intimate family circle. The only question that remains the same in all of us when our loved ones or people we don’t even know, suffer from domestic violence: Why didn’t you leave? Watch this video: SOURCE     Why don’t men leave relationships that are […]

Sometimes I feel like I’m not appreciated enough from the people that (in my opinion) should appreciate the things I do for them. I don’t do it for a pay back or for a shout on the mountain top. I do it because it’s my heart! So I can honestly say that I make sure […]

I did an exercise yesterday and found that I fail at relaxing! I just couldn’t do it! I tried to think about something comforting, relaxing, freeing, and simply couldn’t concentrate. What can you do to relax? Take a deep breath or two. Taking a few slow deep breaths helps release the stress in the body. […]

We know about domestic violence but aware there are many forms that fall under the subject. Recently, the world was witness to one of our own in a video recorded incident between him and his fiance (Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens). Although the details aren’t clear about what happened, intimate partner violence exists and […]