In recent interview, The Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, threw shade at Nicki Minaj and she’s not the only one. Sophie our E Reporter got word from some industry friends that rumors of a Nicki vs J-Lo beef is also true and not a coincidence that Lopez did the Booty song with another Nicki enemy, Iggy Azalea. […]

  As 92Q prepares for tomorrow’s Breast Cancer Walk, The D.A. Salutes everyone lookin good, rockin that pink in the #Instagrammys  It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month…Salute to everyone helping spread awareness and fighting this disease! See the winners below and click on the player below to hear the on air shout out.   and here […]

  IGGY AZALEA is far from an overnight sensation and The D.A. discovers her secret!  Her persona was not always what you see now rappin with the likes of T.I. and JLO but she has always had that butt.  lol…it’s real, well maybe.  Click the audio player below to hear more and check out […]

The D.A. takes a look at how people spend a rainy Saturday in B’more and salute some of fav #rainyDaySelfies.  We honor the ones rockin the black & purple and the ones bunned up..That’s what you should be doing right? Here are this week’s Instagrammy Winners… @oscool has the right idea…enjoying time with the fam! […]