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Following a now-viral list of "Top 10 Female Singers of All Time" posted on social media recently, fans began a wild music war questioning who the better singer is between music legend Whitney Houston and current pop queen Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift had a major "I told y'all so" moment this past weekend when the full video of her conversation with Kanye West over "Famous" was leaked. It made Yeezy and his wife look shady, and now Kim Kardashian has broken her silence about the situation.

The saga continues. The full conversation between Kanye West and Taylor Swift from back in 2016 when the rapper told her about his salacious line from "Famous" has leaked, and it's a bad look for Yeezy and his wife Kim Kardashian.

Justin Bieber was in Hollywood getting his workout in, but Taylor Swift had a appointment for her workout at the same gym. Taylor like the GYM to herself so she can get her workout in privately.  Justin Bieber was told to stop his workout and leave the gym, but he was able to finish up […]

Forbes has recently unveiled their latest list for highest-paid musicians of 2019 and we see some of Hip-Hop’s new contenders breaking through. On Friday (Dec. 6), Forbes released their official list for the highest paid musicians in 2019 and surprisingly Kanye West found himself in the number two spot with $150 million, thanks to his partnership […]

There’s no way to deny it, Kanye West grabbed the mic and wrecked Taylor Swift’s VMA’s back in 2009. The Pop singer recently shared her diary entry about that incident. Page Six reports that a reprint of her diaries is included in the deluxe edition of her new Lover album, so of course that page […]

Taylor Swift tried it. No, like tried it, tried it. In a blatant rip-off from Beyonce’s epic and culturally iconic Coachella performance, Taylor “not so” Swift took to the Billboard Awards stage for a performance, led by a drumline, or should we say bland band after which she emerged like a plain pop tart. Swift, […]

Kanye West loves to ruffles feathers. I’m convinced. Since he kicked off his ‘St Pablo’ tour, he has been doing Pop Up shops to sell  his ‘Life of Pablo’ t-shirts. One of the shirts that have been spotted is a shirt of his ‘St Pablo’ album and Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ albums combined to make one. […]

Nelly has so many hits that it must be hard to choose which one he’ll perform at any given time. On Saturday, the platinum selling rapper took his talents to Karlie Kloss‘ birthday party in The Hamptons, and who better to duet with the star than Karlie’s BFF, Taylor Swift. The pair enjoyed a fun and […]

Kanye West has said a lot of outlandish things in his days, but when it comes to defending his wife, you never know how far he'll go.