Fear of water is real, but so is loving the water and not knowing how to swim, and even staying away from the ocean because of a dislike for sea animals.


Hellllllllll to the naw! If you’re from Baltimore, then you know not to swim in the Inner Harbor. Hell, if we’re being honest, I don’t even go close to the edge. What happens if you’re not from Baltimore, does the Inner Harbor look like the place you want to dive into? Again, no. The Director […]

"Be Cool, Follow the Rules," headlines the top of the poster. Arrows are used to differentiate who is "not cool," and who is exercising "cool" behavior.

Baltimore’s Michael Phelps placed forth in today’s 400 meter individual medley.  Even though he didn’t get a medal The D.A. still got a lot of love for him and so does our friend of the show, President Obama.  We got POTUS to Slow Jam some Michael Phelps news. CLICK TO HEAR OBAMA SLOW JAM MICHAEL […]