Sugar Ray Leonard

Sugar Ray Leonard is one of my favorite boxers of all time. He was from Maryland and was the first boxer to make over $100 Million in boxing purses. Ray had some of the biggest fight in boxing history and he was trained by Angelo Dundee, the same trainer for Muhammed Ali. So, Sugar Ray […]

Usher talks about playing the role of Sugar Ray Leonard in the new film “Hands Of Stone,” and Gary asks whether he really was catching punches in the face for the movie. Usher also talks about his new album, “Hard II Love” ( originally called “Flawed”). Its lead single, “No Limit,” is a favorite among […]

It's been ten years since Usher has had a leading role in a film. For almost five years, he's been training as a boxer to play Sugar Ray Leonard in "Hands of Stone" which also stars Robert De Niro.

The cast for the new season was announced last night during “The Bachelor” and there were a number of surprises. This season’s lineup includes: Kirstie Alley, Mike Catherwood, Chelsea Kane, Ralph Macchio, Chris Jericho, Sugar Ray Leonard, Petra Nemcova, Romeo, Hines Ward, Kendra Wilkinson and Wendy Williams. Who will be your picks this season?