Kent Jones talks being in the dark about the death of his cousin, the pressure to follow up "Don't Mind," his love for jazz and even freestyled on a mini piano in exclusive interview with Steff Skeemz!

Casanova runs down some of the greatest lessons he's learned before and during music, and the first thing he's going to do when he gets off probation in an exclusive interview with Steff Skeemz!

So here are the top 10 best places to live in this country voted by 1. Austin, TX 2. Colorado Springs, CO 3. Denver, CO 4. Des Moines, IA 5. Fayetteville, AR 6. Portland, OR 7. Huntsville, AL 8. Washington, DC 9. Minneapolis, MN 10. Seattle, WAS For the Breakfast Bite , what could […]

If there's one thing we learned about Famous Dex over the past few months, it's that he's as real as it gets and he takes a lot of pride in just being himself (as he should) and having fun. 

Steff Skeemz sat down with Lil Yachty for some real (and comical) talk about food, politics and girls.

So Kanye West decides to put a Ray J actor in his new video which is hilarious. He actually had the actor laying right next to Kim Kardashian naked. For what ever reason Ray J and his camp are not feeling the free publicity. Lol Click the video and let me know what he stays. […]

Some of the language in this video may be offensive to some viewers. Please watch with caution. The melody wasnt bad but i couldnt hear anything he was saying. source 

  Shout out to Jessie Williams with his great speech. It actually gave me chills hearing him speak truth with such a passionate form. For those that dont know, Jessie won the humanitarian award on sunday and gave a speech on unfair treatment of black folks in America. So touching, please click below. source