Lauryn Hill will release a new song next month! Here's what we know.

This soundtrack is fire. Like, whoever put this together is lit.

A handful of artists from a variety of genres have lent their talents to the soundtrack for the highly-anticipated Creed film and Mr. Dirty Sprite himself…

Beyonce just released the full video to her creepy song “Haunted” which was ale in the “50 Shades Of Gray” trailer. let me know what you think! RELATED ARTICLES Stream Beyonce’s New Album Platinum Edition Watch Beyonce Twerk For New 7/11 Track [VIDEO] YOU CAN CATCH ME ON YOUR AIRWAVES EACH AND EVERY SUNDAY FROM […]

Snippets have leaked but take a listen to the FULL version of Jay-Z’s ‘$100 Bill’ from The Great Gatsby Soundtrack. Enjoy! :::: Follow iiKane on INSTAGRAM NOW @iiKaneMusic :::: Jay Z Voted As One Of “The 100 Most Influential People In The World” By Time Magazine! [POLL] Swizz Gives Up The Secret About Jay Z’s Open Letter […]

Adele is just moments away from new motherhood, as she awaits the arrival of her new baby due any day now. The mommy-to-be is just as busy as ever, with the new release of Skyfall from the new James Bond movie soundtrack. The song was leaked this morning and has already skyrocketed to the top […]

While Adele has been home healing from throat surgery, her album ’21’ has been selling in huge numbers! Her second album has been at the #1 spot on the Billboard 200 for 17 weeks. And she’s on the horizon of breaking a record! Whitney Houston’s “The Bodyguard” Soundtrack stayed in the top spot for 20 […]

Alicia Keys covers a classic Blondie song, and Jennifer Hudson and Leona Lewis team up on a track for the lovesick.