Peter Thomas' daughter Porsche Thomas is not afraid to show off her adorable growing baby bump on social media – but of course, that opens up space for haters to hate.

The singer came under fire after a photo of her made its rounds on social media and fans took notice of her lighter complexion.

Hooray for the sunshine! The DA show celebrates springing forward by saluting #demLegs  From short shorts, gym pics to the freakum dress…you gotta love when the legs come out for the nice weather.  Check out out this week’s winners and don’t forget to follow and tag us. @ddelapena she has some fans from this :) […]

Another way to rid your face of blackheads and whiteheads besides using your fingers is to use a comedone extractor like this Double-ended Blended Extractor ($16, If not used properly, this stainless steel double loop tool, will most certainly leave a scar, so please remember to apply just enough pressure during extraction. If you haven’t used one of these tools before, just […]

This post is written with some hesitation because it isn’t quite clear how believable the words “tanning” and “black people” are in the same sentence. I think it stands to reason that if Princess Tamar Braxton in Braxton Family Values, Episode 4 takes sister, Toni to the tanning salon then there just has to be some validity to […]

Just because the area below are necks is rarely exposed, doesn’t mean that it should be neglected. If you knew that skin was the largest organ (which it is), then why wouldn’t you care for it from head to toe? It makes sense that our bodies are rarely, if ever, given as much attention because our faces are usually the most exposed part of […]

My recent story entitled SKIN PROBLEMS SOLVED: Fade to Black…Get Even-Toned Skin talked about evening your body’s complexion, but the hot button issue of hyperpigmentation on our faces is a subject that never goes away. If there’s one thing that chips away at our self-esteem is a bumpy, spotty complexion. Even the likes of the one-time beauty queen, actress & singer, Vanessa Williams […]

You worked too late, you partied too long, you ate too much of what you know you shouldn’t have. Did you even remember to wash your face before you collapsed on your bed? And oh yeah! Does all that neglect ever show the next morning! And the morning after that! No worries – all it […]

Dry, itchy skin as a result of having eczema is bothersome, but taking off your jacket and revealing ashy elbows is just plain embarrassing. If you’ve been treating these skin conditions with petroleum jelly or cocoa butter and you aren’t getting the relief you need, then check out these two products that may bring some long overdue comfort to your skin. There’s a […]

Do you try your shoes on your hands before you buy them, NO! So why test your cosmetics in this same manner? The most important step to finding the right foundation or skin care product is simple… TRY IT ON, on your face that is! And no the skin on your hand is not the […]

Pennsylvania Truckers are getting it in! Check out a few "Sexy Facts" that you need to know.

Singer Alicia Keys was spotted without makeup at Heathrow Airport in London on her way to the Brit Awards.