Recently, Sean “Diddy” Combs took to Instagram and was praised for his upcoming business venture called #ShopCirculate. This was supposed to be a Black Business App to help small Black-Business owners become easier to find worldwide by those that would like to support Black-Owned businesses. We news hit this was coming especially from Diddy people […]

Today for Black History Month 2019, we are highlighting the mogul Sean Combs. Birth Date: November 4, 1969 Hometown: New York City, New York Fun Facts:  Sean goes by many names such as Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, and simply Diddy Sean is an entrepreneur, producer, and artist that started Bad Boy Entertainment in 1993 Sean is also known […]

No more Diddy, Puff Daddy, Or Puffy! Sean Combs will not be answering anybody that doesn’t call him by his new name LOVE aka BROTHER LOVE. Brother Love has got to be the king of name changing because he has several. Either he gets bored or he just feels that his evolution needs a new […]

If I could summarize Diddy’s recent rant on Snapchat about Hip Hop, I would have to say that he is saying “the buck stops here”. Diddy logged onto his social media account to share his thoughts on Hip Hop and how it is going in the wrong direction. He feels that social media helped with […]

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We've gathered the top five musicians riddled with Illuminati rumors. Some have used tongue-in-cheek references to contest involvement with the world-order, while others have flat-out denied any connection.

The proud father of six celebrated the high school graduation of his son, Christian Casey Combs this week with family and friends.

Who you know in the industry with more monikers that this guy here? Yup, nobody. He changed his name more times than….well…..a lot LOL. so take the poll and answer the question…. What’s your favorite nickname for the boy?

Man I can’t wait!!! I’m definitely going to the Bad Boy Reunion September 3rd. I’m not gonna front, I wish the T.V. show crews (Day 26, Danity Kane, Da Band) were on the show as well. Since you can’t possibly wait til September to see Diddy go in, check out what he and Lil Kim […]

Diddy made a big move on his birthday by dropping a new album for FREE! In this day and time rappers don’t just do anything for free but he is DIDDY. The new album is MMM and it really has no price tag but Diddy also said that “No Way Out 2” is still in […]

  The Fam just got word that after the incident where the Music Mogu and Father, Sean “Diddy” Combs was arrested on the UCLA campus for terrorist threats and more against his son Justin Combs strengthening coach, Justin has been released from the football team.  More details are emerging, but click here to read what […]