You never quite know what to expect from the glorious Samuel L. Jackson, he is truly a national Black treasure. During a set visit for Marvel’s upcoming blockbuster Captain Marvel, last year, Sam Jackson revealed his era of choice was the 60s and shared his thoughts on today’s music. “Revolutionary things were changing things and […]

Samuel L. Jackson is known as being a veteran in Hollywood that we’ve seen dominate roles in comedy, action, thriller and more.

Jackson argued that African-American actors should have a stake in portraying the Black experience in America on film.

Jaden Smith is gonna grow up to be Ben Carson — The Life of Rego (@Here_Rego) March 6, 2017 // Our new Secretary of Housing and Urban Development is already saying foolishness! Today while speaking to department employees Mr. I can’t open my eyes, Ben Carson referred to slaves as “immigrants”. Uncle Ben what […]

While the rest of the country prepares for the terrifying reality of Donald Trump‘s America, President Barack Obama is celebrating all that he, and his administration, have achieved over the last 8 years. On Friday night, Obama hosted a farewell party at the White House, inviting some of his now longtime celebrity pals. Amongst those in attendance were John […]

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Actor Samuel L. Jackson is in the news and it's not for a new movie role. The 67-year-old got into an argument with a Texas DJ over a fan photo.

Serena Williams will donate funds for supplies in Compton public schools. This is part of the #BestSchoolDay campaign that includes 50 celebrities who are donating to schools through the crowdfunding platform

  …Go The F*** to Sleep! Yup, That’s the name of it.  2 years ago Samuel L. Jackson narrated this children’s book and at first I was like, “Da F***?” But after giving it a real listen, I changed my mind. Just because It got a cuss word in the title doesn’t mean it’s not […]

In a reflective essay for Vanity Fair, Samuel L. Jackson talked about being in Black in Hollywood and some of the situations he dealt with that are still very relevant.