Breakfast Bite So Mitt Romney has won the Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, California, and South Dakota Republican Presidential primaries. He will become the official nominee at the party convention in August. Do you think he has as strong shot at being our next President?  Should President Obama be worried?  connect with me @tweetAcruz and […]

Shoutout to  Wisconsin Republican Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner who was overheard saying First Lady Michelle Obama should practice what she preaches. He says Mrs. Obama lectures on eating right “but has a large posterior herself.” #1: Sir, why are you looking at that Presidential booty?? She’s not on your team. #2: A good diet will NOT, and […]

BALTIMORE – In a remarkably sharp face-to-face confrontation, <strong>President Barack Obama</strong> chastised Republican lawmakers Friday for opposing him on taxes, health care and the economic stimulus, while they accused him in turn of brushing off their ideas and driving up the national debt.