Donald Trump is not only out here affecting individual and family lives, but longtime marriages are suffering as well.

Two Howard students talk about why they identify with Republicans and the future of the party, as it pertains to young, Black Americans.

Donald Trump celebrated his 70th birthday on Tuesday and who better to send the presidential hopeful her best birthday wishes than Chrissy Teigen?

Warren Ballentine breaks down the results of Super Tuesday and what they mean for the presidential election going forward. He explains what outcomes were surprising, and…

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump captured most of the headlines following the first GOP debate... for all the wrong reasons.

Ten presidential hopefuls from the Republican party vying for their shot at a seat in the White House descended on the city of Cleveland, Ohio…

Roland Martin, host of “NewsOne Now” says no matter who won in the 2014 midterm elections don’t sit on your behind get involved, get engaged…

Now that the government shutdown is here how long will it last? According to ABC news: It now appears likely the shutdown will drag on all week — and potentially beyond that…If this drags on into next week, and it easily could, the shutdown will be overshadowed by the far bigger problem… Check out full […]

Now that the Government is shut down a lot of people are pointing fingers. Who do you think is to blame? Democrats or Republicans. According to Reuters: Forty-six percent said that if government agencies and programs start closing on Tuesday, they would fault Republicans in Congress while 36 percent said they would blame Obama, the […]

Stacey Dash poses with Republican Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan Okay, so Stacey Dash is really working this campaign. First, she released pics of herself in a red bathing suit endorsing Mitt Romney and the Republican Party. Just weeks later she is seen posing with Romney’s running mate, Paul Ryan. Remember that Dash and Lisa Raye […]

Jay-Z and Beyonce raised $4 million for Obama’s campaign by holding a $40,000 per plate dinner for the President. The Carters had great intention but Beyonce was criticized harshly for sporting a Republican red dress to the dinner! Its like wearing a Steelers jersey to a Ravens game! Traditionally, the First Lady and other influential […]

According to Drudge, Republican Mitt Romney’s search for a Vice President might be over, and the top pick none other than former Secretary Of State Condoleeza Rice. In an effort to shake up the democratic vote if this is true, Mitt Romney is not playing around.  Rice was in attendence at Romney’s retreat in Utah, […]