The Baltimore Ravens are in New Orleans and Ray Lewis had something to say at media day. This is where both teams have players greet and meet the media to answer questions from all media outlets. They have a radio row and media row. Follow Me On Instagram/Twitter @Konan92Q   Ravens Fans Sell SuperBowl Tickets […]

It seems that everybody has Ravens fever and it has now spread nationwide including late night TV. Saturday Night Live spoofed Ray Lewis on the “The Weekend Update” skit with actor Keenan Thompson playing Ray Lewis. What would Ray Lewis do if he won the superbowl was the theme of the sketch along with Seth […]

Nobody gave Baltimore a chance so everybody can go KICK ROCKS! Terrell Suggs is like me in a way because I can’t hold my mouth shut when I feel something I need to say. It just spills out and I don’t really care what people or the person thinks if it’s on my heart. He […]