This Black Music Month, Urban One Baltimore Proudly Recognizes National/International Music Icon and our hometown’s own, Maysa! She stopped by our studios this month to talk about her latest project and how much she loves the LOVE she gets from Baltimore! #BlackMusicMonth driven by Nissan

A new remix for the track was just released featuring the Wu-Tang Clan brothers Ghostface Killah and Raekwon and it appears the song will grow new legs once more.

The next Verzuz battle is going to be a Wu-Tang Clan celebration, son. Ghostface Killah and Raekwon will be engaging in a friendly battle, and it goes down on Saturday, March 20.

….nice…..make you think… you pumped enough to call your peeps and say, ” YO, DID YOU SEE..?” They don’t make videos like that no more. It’s just girls with their butts out, driving around going nowhere, at the club walking in slow motion…just plain old STUPID (except the girl part). Here’s a great video by […]

Raekwon The Chef is calling for a worldwide ban on men rockin’ skinny jeans. LOL. Animal House talked to The Chef about a number of popular topics including fashion and the infamous skinny jean phenomenon. “If you catch me with leggings I’m giving you permission to slap me!” WATCH more of this exclusive interview: RELATED: Raekwon […]

  Wu-Tang fans were like WTF when they heard The Wu-Tang Clan was considering the release of their final album Once Upon A Time In Shaolin being released in 88 years. Why would they do that?  Raekwon is actually behind the idea and sets the record straight on what brought about that decision.   RELATED: Raekwon Shares His […]

Later this year marks eleven years since the Wu-Tang Clan‘s Old Dirty Bastard died from an accidental drug overdose but to fellow group member Raekwon The Chef, it seems like only yesterday. Listen as Raekwon relives the moment he learned of ODB’s death and what he did immediately after to honor his brother and friend. […]

Raekwon The Chef  of the legendary group Wu-Tang Clan rolled through Baltimore promoting the F.I.L.A. anniversary and to share his excitement of reuniting with his hip hop family. iiKane touched on a number of topics with The Chef including the upcoming Wu-Tang tour, his very public beef with RZA and more. Check out this exclusive interview:   RELATED: […]

Raekwon‘s debut project “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx…” is a Hip-Hop classic that has landed Raekwon in a plenty of fans’ top five rappers list.…

RZA is continuing to do his thing on the big screen, but his roots come from the Wu-Tang Clan. The group planned to release their…