The Queen Bey has been in Europe for the past couple week for her infamous “Mrs.carter tour“. last night Beyonce shared a a photo for her Performance at London O2 Arena this past weekend. #FEEDME Beyonce’s Father Want’s Child Support lowered Because He Is Broke   As it show’s that the #BEYHIVE was more than […]

rl So as the Grammy‘s is closely approaching this coming Saturday and you where not planing on watching it you just might wanna reconsider. There’s been rumors Circulating that Queen Bey will be hitting the stage. And why wouldn’t she? With the release of her self named album Beyonce we are in the Year of […]

Queen Bey is not playing any game’s with this new album. selling 828,773 internationally in just three day “Beyonce”  holds the record for fastest selling album . That puts around 13million in the bank of Bey and her label Columbia.  plus in three day just about half of the Jay-z Samsung partnership was reportedly worth DAMN […]

In case you didn’t know our entertainment reporter, Sophie, is  a huge Beyonce stan and she is currently back home in the UK visiting her family.  While in the UK she has heard some things swirling in the media rumor mill about our girl Queen Bey.  Click the audio below to hear the latest Beyonce […]

Yesterday, Beyonce debuted her new pixie cut on Instagram.   This is kind of a big deal for Queen Bey because although she has changed up the color and style of her hair through the years, she has never gone really short.   Of course, she rocks it but I wonder how long she will […]