Attorney Warren Brown says his client is still sore, but "feels degraded more than anything else."

We can now add 50 Cent to the list of celebrities that put their paws on a fan.

  Well, obviously this young man has never heard the lyrics, “run up on me at the light, you can loose your life”. Good thing for him, he is still here after being punched by Justin Beiber and not laying somewhere 6 feet. See what happens when a fan rushes Justin Beiber’s whip as he […]

Apparently, Katt Williams got into another altercation, this time with a woman.

Katt Williams is at it again. Video has hit the net early this morning showing a young kid standing up to Katt just moments before he suckered-punch the kid as he turned away. Shortly after, we see the kid taking Katt down to the grown. Pimp Down! In another video, you see Katt Williams trying […]

Chris Brown just can’t seem to keep the trouble away from him in these clubs- maybe he should just quit the club life. Click on the audio…

Teyana Taylor was not here for prank driver Queenzflip.

You remember 90s R&B group Next, right? Well, if you do, I’m sure you’ve already heard that one of their members was accused of beating…

Love & Hip Hop NY made news week when castmates Joe Budden and Consequence brawled it out during taping for the show.  Tahiry even got in the mix.  Many folks are wondering if this was an act for the cameras for the real deal. Is That Joe Budden And Consequence Fighting Consequence Airs Out Joe […]

Via It’s unfortunate that Shania Echols and her mother Kishaun Graddy learned the hard way about bullies.  Shania is a junior at Milford Mill Academy, where she dodged a handful of girls that threatened to hurt her in the cafeteria this past Monday.  Echols was pushed, punched, and beaten while her friends encouraged and […]

Recently, high-profile actor Leonardo DiCaprio had a lavish birthday party in Manhattan. No one expected drama to pop off at this “A-List” only event but when Jay-Z arrived with his wife Beyonce’, things went downhill. Apparently, Jay-Z approached Robert De Niro‘s table to say hello but De Niro was NOT having it. He proceeded to […]

Okay, this is definitely my LMFAO of the Day: Minnesota Vikings runningback Caleb King, who is easily 210 lbs, beat the crap out of 22-year-old Andrew Hayek who weighs 130 lbs soaking wet. Why? Because the kid called him Eddie Murphy. The funny thing is, Caleb actually looks like Eddie! Hayek made the joke and Caleb […]