In a series of tweets, the man who put the hype in Hypeman responded to being given the boot from the iconic rap group he helped put on the map. Flav, like many, couldn't believe he would let Bernie Sanders of all things be the reason he was fired.

Public Enemy frontman Chuck D is in the middle of a legal fight to regain the rights to the music he created as part of the longtime Hip-Hop collective. According to the suit, the Long Island, New York native claims the man he entered the deal with has been swindling him out of finances connected […]

The Wu-Tang Clan marches on. The Staten Island rap supergroup has added more dates to its God of Rap Tour in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut album. The WTC announced more European dates in May for the Gods of Rap Tour that includes Public Enemy and De La Soul, kicking off […]

Even though most of us celebrate being Black all day, every day — tis’ the season to honor our people publicly and unapologetically. It’s officially Black History Month, the 28 days out of the year when the entire country realizes that Black people invented everything useful in the world, contributed to society in the most […]

This would be a perfect time to throw these dudes in the vault. Possibly the best time because of the state that American is in. We have a President that don’t know what to say out his mouth…A country not playing with our president…. it’s too much to handle. We need “Public Enemy” to drop […]

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced its class of 2017 nominees on Tuesday.

  What’s sup party people. Since it’s “Black History Month“, I felt as though you should learn a thing or two about what I know…. MUSIC. Everyday I’ll post a music video by a person or group that helped paved the way for us to listen and even make the music we hear today. Today’s […]

Its the classics on The 5 0’clock ride. This mix contains music from Public Enemy, De La Soul, Biz Markie and more   Check out these mixes: Rick Ross, Cash Out, Yo Gotti, Smootie Wild, Beyonce and More [MIX] Biggie Smalls Birthday Mix [AUDIO]     92Q’s Live Broadcast From BWX with Ki Ki & […]

Despite being the poster child for longevity in hip-hop, LL Cool J always has and probably always will be considered an underdog. After churning out…

This is the group that changed the era of music. nThis video is saying more than you can see. Listen to the words at the start of the video! Follow Me On Instagram/Twitter @Konan92Q Public Enemy “Say It Like It Really Is”