After a very-telling post that Ne-Yo’s wife, Crystal, shared on social media has alot of folks wondering if they’re heading towards Splitville. Earlier this year, the couple did renew their vows after  their relationship was heading towards divorce but they spun the block. Will it work out again? Only time will tell. This weekend, Crystal […]

Some of these cops are savage now days. CLick this footage below and see a quick and easy way to loose your job as a poilice officer. source 

Two of the frontrunners for political office in NY are emerging from BIG sex scandals!! Anthony Weiner leading candidate for mayor was caught texting nude pics to women across the country and Elliot Spitzer was caught with a standing account with a prostitute. Both men are now on their way to the next phase in their political […]

A recent clip from The Bill Cunningham Show — bondage beds, prostitutes, nosey friends and cheating.  Look for me all season long as one of the relationship experts for the show.