It’s only right since the boy “Fuch” (That’s what i call him) new album comes out midnight tonight that we bang a video from his self-titled joint “FUTURE“. Ain’t no need for a lot of talking.. here’s “Poppin’ Tags“….

Damn son, Drake got shot!!! Well….sorta….well…..he really didn’t. Just wanted to a Throwback Thursday. Some of ya’ll don’t know nothing bout Degrassi. You wet behind the ears LOL. Just watch this clip. Looks like Meek had something to do with it…

Right now the boy Beanie Sigel is getting it in. I mean despite the sneak attack at the Bad Boy tour, that beef (if that’s what you wanna call it) between him and Meek Mill might have gave him the spark that the boy needed to get back in the game. 92Q already has the […]

So my girl Queen D been helping the community losing weight for years. Women from all over the state comes to her classes to get their sweat on while dancing to the freshest Zumba hits. It used to be inside the church, but the floor got too sweaty so they moved it outside. That should […]

You know It’s bad when you can’t even go to the bathroom in peace. Story in Thailand is that a man was taking a number 2 when all of the sudden, a damn PYTHON came through the pipe of the toilet and…… well….. see for yourself.

Baltimore has a great History. From Fort McHenry to the Star Spangled Banner….. Babe Ruth and Edger Allen Poe. But Baltimore is rich in Black History. Our music, culture, and politics are rooted all and throughout this great city. This black history month, we’ll touch base on everything BLACK! Let’s start at the Blacks In […]

Hooligan Express Pick Up brings back a new season of  Rap Battles.  Every week I’ll  have two contenders  giving up the real verses and taking you  back to how Rap Battles use to be.   So if you think you think you have what it takes and want to win yourself on the show, then hit […]

  Your boy Super Squirrel is hittin’ the streets to find B’more’s Toughest  Little League Baseball Teams!  If you think that’s your team, hit me up and I might come to check ya’ll out myself!  Just email me at  If you’re selected, you’ll win 20 tickets to an upcoming Orioles game. Let me know the […]

          Aye check this out this is your boy Porkchop.  First I want to say that I am grateful to be blessed with another year of life. My birthday is tomorrow and I am turning well that is not important. Check this out people I have a special request from you all. I don’t ask […]

Check out a blast from the past! Off The Hook’s rendition of Erykah Badu’s “Window Seat” video. Porkchop was a lot smaller then.

Hey your boy Squirrel Wyde is always in the community doing big things especially when it comes to the kids. Check out the pictures below with Squirrel Wyde helping Officer Craig and the rest of the Goodnow Summer Camp stay cooled off with the Worlds Most  Dangerous Slip n  Slide. Its one of the biggest events at […]

Squirrel Wyde was in the streets and bracing the heat at this years African American Heritage Festival/Stone Soul and of course he was talking with the crowd and bringing out some of this years performers. But Squirrel Wyde always has love for the Co Workers and always makes time for a photo op. Check the […]