Pharrell Williams recently married his longtime girlfriend Helen Lasichanh in Miami.  The two have a 4 year-old son together named Rocket Man Williams. Helen has been seen by Pharrell side on the red carpet at numerous events but she gave the paparazzi an eyeful when she tripped and accidentally flashed her breasts at the 2013 MET […]

In celebration of Selfie Saturday we salute our IG friends and hot #Selfies Check em out and make sure you connect with us on IG and at tag us on your favorite pics. @TweetAcruz  @DreJohnson1 Listen to Dre Johnson and Alichia Cruz every Saturday 3p-7p 92.3 fm in Baltimore or listen online connect with […]

via – excerpts from Miley Cyrus‘ controversial Rolling Stone Magazine interview have leaked and she’s shocking fans with what she has to say. On drug use: “I think weed is the best drug on earth. One time I smoked a joint with peyote in it, and I saw a wolf howling at the moon. Hollywood […]

Through the years The D.A., Dre and Alichia, have met some interesting celebs.  Check out some our favs & read why we love them. Ed Reed was one of our favorite Ravens.  He was so cool down to earth when we met up with him on the day this pic was taken.  He was there […]

Thousands of people gathered on the original site of the March on Washington to celebrate it’s 50th anniversary.  There were activists, civil rights leaders, and our instagram friends.  Check out some of our favorite pics from our IG friends. Trayvon Martin’s mom and lawyer are seen here…glad to see she is still fighting.  Thanks to […]

Guess you don’t have to guess anymore as to what North West looks like! Her pics were finally revealed to the world. No question that this little girl is a cutie! Courtesy of Kanye reveals North’s pic and tells his daddy experiences to Kim’s mom Kris Jenner on Kris’ new talk show! See more […]

The internet has been buzzing all week after Kendrick Lamar murdered his colleagues on Big Sean’s track, Control. He claimed to be the King of rap and NY….. and basically told the rest of rap world to sit their a**es down.  So of course people got real ignit on Instagram with their hilarious responses to […]

Somewhere in SOHO, NYC there are people waiting in a long line for a delicious pastry know as a Cronut.  A cross between a donut and croissant….it has swept the nation and people are going nuts for ’em.  So of course it’s all over IG. Check out some of fav #Cronut pics. Shout out to […]

The wait is over!….Well for those who were waiting. The “Baddest Puta” herself, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta‘s Joseline Hernandez has released her new music videos shot in her homeland of Puerto Rico. According to her manager/husband/lover/co-star Stevie J, Joseline’s career may become bigger than Beyonce‘s! Check out her videos, “Shotz” and “Mi Colta” and […]

A sad weekend for the radio world and tons of fans as radio icon and television host Kidd Kraddick died suddenly at a golf charity event in New Orleans on Saturday (July 27).   It was first reported that Kraddick died of a brain aneurysm but his autopsy revealed that Kraddick had an enlarged heart […]

Check out this week’s winning thoughts / pics we found on Instagram. Shout out to @kellyvisionkelly great post and thanks for going on the air with us.   lol #truth from @cstyles12   very good advice for the fellas from @ramonestyles Connect with us on IG at DreJohnson1 & tweetAcruz and Check out this RELATED […]

Instagram is one our fav pass times and here are some of the pics that made us chuckle or think this week. Thanks @desi4018 for these powerful words from John Lennon. More powerful words from our President posted by @lynnWashington.  We hope everyone at the Gay Pride festival downtown in having a great time. Congrats […]