The feeling of losing your child is very extreme and inexplicable; but to see a photo of their dead body on the internet is even more unsettling. On August 8th, Kim Staton learned her 28-year-old son Omar Raham was found dead in his Pine Lawn home of an apparent drug overdose. Adding fuel to the […]

Avant has been out of the spotlight for a few years now, so it’s not shocking for him to look different than he did when he was in his prime. But no one expected the singer’s appearance to change as drastically as it did. A photo of the star made its rounds on the Internet […]

Bernice Jenkins has important information that all of the members of the little people’s choir need to hear about their group photo. Listen to the audio player to hear what she had to say in this exclusive clip of these Church Announcements! Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Get the latest announcements from Bernice Jenkins here and listen LIVE weekdays from […]

Chris Brown’s latest Instagram post has people wondering ‘What in the world is REALLY going on? Outside of seeing him go back and forth with his ex Karrueche and her manager over the last couple of days, we’ve also noticed that Breezy has dropped some weight, drastically! We’re definitely hoping that everything is okay […]

The Indianapolis natives' photo went viral, garnering over 19,000 retweets and the formation of their own "Mom, twin and me" Instagram page.

One Direction band member, Harry Styles, caught naked in an Instagram shot. CLICK HERE

Justin Bieber used Instagram to reach out to his fans and the media for the first time since he was released from jail earlier this week.  He posted a photo of himself leaving jail side-by-side with a photo of Michael Jackson leaving the courthouse after being acquitted of child molestation charges.  The photo’s caption read, […]

Lebron James had no idea of the backlash headed his way when he posted a photo posing with teammate Chris Bosh‘s young daughter.  The picture looks pretty innocent but at a better glance you notice that the little girl is grabbing James’ crotch.  After James’ Instagram followers went nuts and brought it to his attention, […]

Rapper Lil Kim is in some hot water. She’s being accused of stealing the artwork for her latest single “Dead Gal Walking” from a make-up…

This week we salute the shoe lovers, sneaker heads, and fashionistas with Instagrammy Awards.  Check out some of our IG friends and their hot #ShoeSelfies Listen to Dre Johnson and Alichia Cruz every Saturday 3p-7p 92.3 fm in Baltimore or listen online connect with us on Twitter: @drejohnson1
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@tweetacruz and check […]

These photos just surfaced online of Justin Bieber smoking a blunt with a girl that looks a lot like singer Ariana Grande. The two have been rumored to be seeing each other lately. Sources close to the two say that the girl is NOT Ariana and that the pic was photoshopped to make the cigarette […]