The programs are offered to students kindergarten through fifth grade and will begin on June 28th, helping shift kids back into the gear of learning.

"Isolation and limited physical and outside activity can adversely affect children’s mental health," says the CDC.

This past weekend marked one full year since the COVID-19 pandemic firmly took hold in the United States. When it hit New York City hard, like millions, I felt the weight of it all on my shoulders—personally and professionally.

Two days after Christmas, Unemployment Benefits have officially expired for 2020 due to Donald Trump delaying to sign the new COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Stimulus Bill. ABC NEWS reports, for almost 10 million Americans who were relying on unemployment benefits as a means of financial support, those benefits have officially come to an end. Trump refused […]

December 1st is World AIDS Day. What will you do on World AIDS Day?  Will you wear a red ribbon, wear red, go get tested, or take someone else to go get tested? As all of these are important to help raise awareness and prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS, its important to educate. World AIDS […]