Like most celebrities on Oprah’s Next Chapter show, Idris Elba got extremely personal with the daytime tv queen. Oprah got all in to Idris’ personal life. He talks his recent loss and gains. IDRIS ELBA’S BABY’S MOM!!! IDRIS ELBA’S SURPRISE CONFESSION!!! *** CHECK OUT THE LATE SHOW W/DJ ANGELBABY M-F 2A-6A & ON INSTAGRAM @DJANGELBABY*** ***CHECK […]

If  you thought this whole VMA perfomance with Robin Thicke and Miley was dead…think again. Oprah had Robin on her “Next Chapter” show and they talked about twerking and what was going through his mind when Miley grinded her booty up against him. Robin: This is funny to me, it’s silly. Oprah: You don’t think […]

  On the next “Oprah’s Next Chapter,”  the big O sits down with Oscar-winning actress Jane Fonda and her adopted African-American daughter Mary Williams for their first-ever interview together.  It airs this Sunday, April 7, at 9/8c. on OWN Network. Watch Oprah’s interview with Jane Fonda on Sunday, April 7, at 9/8c. :::: Follow iiKane on INSTAGRAM […]

Usher admitted sleeping with one of Tameka’s bridesmaids — eeewww.  Is honesty always the best policy or should you keep some things to yourself in a relationship? Check out some of the responses from Love Zone listeners from Monday’s show. To join the Love Zone virtual discussion visit www.ladawnblack.com.   Is honesty always the best […]

Throughout the ups and downs Jennifer Hudson has rose to the top in her illustrious career. In Oprah’s Next Chapter Hudson talks about her weight loss, marriage and the act of forgiveness in her family’s mass murder. To see the full interview take a look at the video below. **FOLLOW AJ @AJSHOWTIME AND ANGELBABY @DJ_ANGELBABY […]

  Instead of the nickname “Gabby” this Olympic champion perfers that you call her Gabrielle. Oprah and Douglas go one on in the “Next Chapter” interview and touch on all the topics that have circulated around Douglas, from her hair, father and adopted family. To see the full interview hit the link below. **FOLLOW AJ […]

Oprah‘s highly anticipated interview with Rihanna aired last night and I must admit, I respect Rihanna on an entirely different level now. If you tuned in you learned that Rihanna is humble, sweet, emotional, pleasant to be around, a kid at heart and even a bit vulnerable. But who isn’t. Rihanna’s comments on her relationship […]

After years of publicity stunts and 50 Cent’s comments on the well known beef between 50 Cent and Oprah, the two put their differences aside on Oprah’s “Next Chapter. Filmed at 50’s Granparents home in Queens, the topics of the interview range from their past beef,50’s explicit lyrics and his dog “Oprah”. Hit the link to see […]

Lady Gaga fans have the chance to get a glimpse of her childhood home, her family and her deepest secrets in an upcoming two-hour special  for “Oprah’s Next Chapter” on the  OWN Network. It airs March 18,