Lili’s night with Budda and Devarion spun a little bit out of control when she ended sleeping with two different guys on one night, going without protection for both! Now, they’re looking to find out the parentage of her 5-week-old son, Jesse Barack. Budda insists that there was a third partner, Chauncey, for Lili that […]

Q. Should you make love to gospel music? A. Not my thing, but I can’t say it is wrong if you feel that the music adds to your experience. A listener clued me in that Bishop TD Jakes has a CD of love songs for married couples. So clearly there are a lot of people […]

On a windy night in the City you can’t help but think about that old lover you wouldn’t mind getting with again … He had and has a unique love for me. I may take him back but I just want to make sure we are both on the same page. I want to go […]

Tati Neves spilled all the beans about her alleged lustful night with Justin Bieber, after her video of “the Biebster” sleeping went viral. Check out the video HERE “Take it from me, he’s well-endowed — and very good in bed,” Neves tells  The Sun. She also claims that they had sex more than one time that night. […]

Last night listeners shared the many things they like to do after sex.  Here are some of my favorite answers: Sleep/ Nap/ Snore Do It Again Roll Up Cook Naked/ Make a Snack Pee Kick Her Out Cuddle Kiss Rub Back/ Massage Victory Dance Workout for Energy for Another Round Shower Ask Their Name Exit the […]

Keri Hilson & Chris Brown got together for “One Night Stand,” the sexy new single from Keri’s album No Boys Allowed. The pair just released the steamy video for the single.