We all know that relationships have their highs and lows.  How important is the sexual side of your relationship? What if your partner was no longer interested in sex or physically could no longer perform? Could you stay in a sexless relationship if everything else in the relationship was on point? Sex is good but […]

Quickie Question of the Night: What is a game changer for you when it comes to sex? Dirty sheets funky house. Jesus Picture / or Cross over her bed Magnums and no magnum package Granny panties laying around the room An early ending Excessive hair in the wrong places If we’re in the car driving […]

Listeners chimed in with the things that if they see it in your house there will be no sex: Plastic on Furniture An Ex Dirty Bathroom Twin Bed Your Parents Roaches & Mice Stained Undergarments Laying Around The House Isn’t Yours Another Woman/ Man’s Things Suspect Prescriptions in Bathroom Too Many Cats A Baby/ Child Bed […]

Check out these sexy headlines from Monday’s show: Can’t Pray the Gay Away in Cali Ke$ha Had Sex with a Ghost Reasons for Not Having Sex in Marriage

A priest was recently caught with his pants down at an adult store.  Is it unrealistic to expect men/women not to have sex in order to pursue their religious calling?     Check out answers via Facebook and Twitter from Tuesday’s show.  Join the nightly Love Zone conversation at www.ladawnblack.com.   Is it unrealistic to […]

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