Drake's songs have proved to be a serious example of art imitating life.

A 91-year-old Portuguese woman has suffocated to death while participating in a sex game with her 41-year-old neighbor.

According to Gary With Da Tea, Kanye West started a petition to make his neighborhood a no-fly zone! Listen to the audio player to hear how he’s going…

Sources are now saying that Justin Bieber can face years of prison time if convicted of the felony egg attack on his neighbor’s home.  If the crime is considered an aggravated assault or involving  “moral turpitude,” Bieber may even face deportation back to Canada. Authorities also seized Bieber’s cell phone during the raid and will […]

He helped rescue the three young women that were kidnapped and held as prisoners for 10 years.. and now he is an online superstar.   Introducing Charles Ramsey.  He is the neighbor of the man that was arrested for abducting Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michele Knight.  The story made national news because the women […]

From being hugged up with Breezy at a Lakers game to being photographed completely nekkid by the paparazzi……Has Rihanna gone wild? We got a call from a concerned neighbor of the starlet.  Miss Carmen is a friend of the show and lives on the same street as Rihanna’s family in the Barbados.  CLICK TO HEAR WHAT […]

Rihanna is saying she is not about the C-Breezy life however they’ve been spotted together several times and she told Oprah she still loves him. We had to check with our sources to see what’s good. We caught up with one of Rih-Rih’s neighbor in the Barbados. CLICK TO HEAR WHAT HER NEIGHBOR HAD TO […]


Okay, so this chick recently became news when she left her three children, ages 4 years, 3 years and 10 months old, home alone so she could get an overnight freak session in with her neighbor. She’s apparently done this many times before. This time, however, things went wrong when one of the kids soiled […]