Despite what Rick Ross says its seems as though Meek Mill and Wale still have some type of feud going on. Meek Mill took the opportunity to shade DC rapper Wale yet again but Wale isn’t here for the BS. Its all started after Meek posted the pic/caption below.. You can’t b friends with someone […]

  Well I must say this is a “HOT TOPIC’.  Allegedly the boss Ricky Rozay caught his new now old fiance in bed with another rapper. Sources allegedly say it was Wiz Khalifa. Seems the almighty MMG is just catching losses everywhere. As this one spills out I got you covered.       click […]

  Have you seent what Meek Mill done said about Wale’ after his interview with The Breakfast Club surfaced?  Well Meek spilled his feelings all over the gram, deleted it, but NOT before a few blogs screen grabbed it and now we are gonna share it with you.  So after you read this, let us […]

Is it rumor or fact…..sources are saying the 2 are really getting married. It must be love because I must say I didn’t know how it would turn out after the Drake and Meek show down. I wish them the best and will wait to see how it all turns out. click here for full […]

Wow the beef continues Drake goes at Meek Mill again after aggressive fans start chanting F$$k Meek Mill and he responds ‘He’s Already Dead.” Will this bring a response from Meek I am waiting to see how it plays out.           Catch me on the radio live and all social media […]

    Wow  I don’t know how to take this one. Is Rick Ross pointing out the truth or is he taking smoke shots at Meek Mill. Seems as if Meek cant catch a break right now. I am curious to see where this one goes.     click here for full story     […]

  So in the midst of all the drama between Drake and Meek Nicki throws a shot in the air hinting she is preggo… it real or a stunt to take the focus off of everything else…stay tuned……….   click here for full story         Catch me on the radio live or […]

So the beef continues between Meek and Drake and Mekk finally fires back this is getting interesting.             Catch me on 92q live or on the web instagram/facebook/twitter @lilblacktheceo        

Drizzy’s back for round two. Since the release of “Charged Up” on Saturday, we’ve been patiently awaiting a response from Meek Mill. Instead, Drake quietly shared yet…

If you thought Meek Mill dropping a Twitter bombshell last night by accusing Drake of not writing his own rhymes was going to end with…

  Looks like The biggest boss that you’ve seen thus far, will be sitting behind bars longer than anticipated.  Rick Ross has been denied bail.  He was recently thrown in the clink for assaulting a grounds keeper on his property.  To add insult to injury, they also got RR on kidnapping charges.  Why did all […]

    Seems Ross is a boss who doesn’t play even but his wings allegedly Ricky Rozay came home to a uninvited visitor in his home and took action. As details come down you know I got you.   for full story click here     Catch me on the worldwide webb facebook/twitter/instagram @lilblacktheceo