The body needs to be treated like the temple that it is so a good massage or acupuncture is a good way to rebalance the body. We all need to pay attention to the body and the signs it gives us when we need to be balanced. Read More: Massage Read More: Acupuncture Follow Me […]

The reason you need to understand why taking care of your body is important. You only get ONE! When you workout you get sore and to relieve the pain you should get a massage to help restore your body. The feet connect to your internal organs so look at the Reflexology Chart from Ancient Egypt. […]

It’s fall beauties and besides the beautiful transition of the leaves from green to bright reds, oranges and yellows and the need for all pumpkin…

Reggie Bush must be a really secure brother!! The Superbowl hottie joined his reality star girlfriend Kim Kardashian for a day of pampering.