istory-making occasions are rarely recognized until they end up in the textbooks. As we face some of the most challenging and monumental events within Black culture today, there are plenty of moments that have made their mark on America.

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Civil rights activists fear the outcome of a DOJ probe into Freddie Gray’s case under the Trump administration.

Kia Absalom, stepdaughter of U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch, was taken to a Brooklyn police station after refusing to pay a $20 Uber bill.

Lynch's declaration as the chief law enforcement official in the government negates comments made by FBI Director James Comey, who last month argued that officers in major cities feel "under siege" due to protests, demonstrations, and discussions that aim to hold police officers accountable.

Loretta E. Lynch has been confirmed as our very first African American Female Attorney General!!!  Finally after months of shuckin and jivin from Senate Republicans delaying her confirmation, it’s finally happening with 56 to 43 vote.  Republicans claim that Lynch is qualified but they didn’t like the way she supported the President on immigration! Click […]