The number of deaths in Baltimore City was at an all-time high last year. Before they have the chance to grow this year, law makers are in the middle of doing something about it. A bill that encompasses several crime fighting initiatives have been combined into one to help with solving the crime problem. Parts […]

We need to educate ourselves about our Constitutional and civil rights.. ‪#‎DreThought‬    

Randy Kessler joined “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” to discuss child support and answer listeners’ questions about their family court situations. Check out what he said…

If you would like to know what is going on,what bills are up, what bills are being voted on, bills being brought up ,bills being…

Via If you are a driver that can’t seem to give up using your handheld phone while driving, it may come to an end soon. Using a cellphone is already illegal because it’s only a second offense.  Police are allowed to pull you over and issue you another violation such as speeding. Lawmakers are […]

:::: Follow iiKane on INSTAGRAM NOW @iiKaneMusic :::: :::: Follow iiKane on Twitter NOW @iiKaneTweets :::: Rapstress Nicki Minaj revealed on the Jimmy Kimmel Show that she barely avoided arrest in Dubai when she attempted to hug a fan. Apparently, it is against the law in Dubai to hug a man who is NOT your […]

Via After a Towson boy was mauled by a pit bull in 2007.  As a result pit bulls were titles as “inherently dangerous” animals. Landlords and property management began to implement breed restrictions on the animals. forcing pet owners to choose between their pets and their home. Read More.  The Internet Kills Wale, Rapper […]

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Foreclosure mediation and prohibition of BPA chemical in bottles among new laws