Mariah Carey is in hot water with her record label. According to Roger Friedman of Showbiz 411, Epic Records is very unhappy with MC because her recent single “I Don’t” was a total failure. Friedman revealed that the was a total surprise to Epic since Mariah’s team sent it with no forewarning that it was coming. […]

  K.  Michelle vs. Nicki Minaj…who rocked it better and what’s the Meek Mill connection? + Jeremih Get’s Arrested & Breezy back with his Ride or Die! all that and more in ….   First off, Jeremih was arrested at a Newark airport after he tried to sneak a friend onto a plane.  The plane […]

In case you didn’t know our entertainment reporter, Sophie, is  a huge Beyonce stan and she is currently back home in the UK visiting her family.  While in the UK she has heard some things swirling in the media rumor mill about our girl Queen Bey.  Click the audio below to hear the latest Beyonce […]

Via  A new drink that is supposed to relax the consumer is actually making them sick. But, the issue isn’t just that. The drink is now in the hands of middle school students. Parents are outraged that children have access to this drink. Read More.  Are Women Better Cheaters?? Guys: Clues That She is […]

Can you guess how old Jay-Z turns today???  The rapper and mogul turns 43 today! Yeah he is climbing the ranks in age. But he still isn’t retired because he believes he is the best rapper alive. While some may waste time to debate J’s skills, no one can deny that this man has built […]

Kobe is deeply depressed. How is coping and what's the deal with French Montana and him signing with Diddy. Get the details in The D.A. Report.

I’m hearing that Jennifer Lopez may no longer have a record label to call home!!