Deep down Soulja Boy is a cool person i just think he needs to lay off the drugs a little bit. Check out his recent interview where he speaks on his threats to kill people and much more. Grab the popcorn and enjoy. SEE ALSO: This Text Message May Prove That Chris Brown Was Set Up […]

Via  A 7-month-old baby was brought to University of Maryland Hospital on December 31 with fractured skull and broken ribs.  Kendall Browne was kept on life support for a few days but was pronounced brain-dead later. His death has been ruled a homicide. Francois Browne, the infants father, is being held in custody in connection with […]

Via  On Saturday, Baltimore Police conducted a gun buy back. In lieu of the Friday Sandy Hook shooting, the event had been scheduled months in advance to take place this past weekend. Shop Rite Supermarket sponsored the event and offered $100 store gift cards for anyone who surrendered a fire arm. The effort brought 461 guns out of homes and off the […]

Via A shooting occurred at 3 p.m. this Thursday on the 3200 block of Lyndhurst Ave.  36-year-old Todd Duffie was standing outside a vehicle when he was shot. He was rushed to Sinai hospital with one gun shot wound. Read More. Howard County Says No For Sugary Drink Sales Beyonce’s “Love On Top” Gold Tuxedo Could Be In […]

Via Baltimore City Police need your help finding a murder suspect. Police are investigating the murder of Tavon Frederick. Fredrick was killed when several men burst into his home on Westerwald Way in late May. While one mana has been arrested, police still need your help in finding Keeco Stern. Read full story here.

  Are you done with Uggs or the Mens Double V Neck? Below are a few videos making fun of both current trends…well the Ugg boot has been around for a few years however women just cant resist the comfort of these shnugglie boots.  What are your Thoughts? What current Fashion Trend would like to to Kill?   […]

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