Ever since Tasha told Keisha about what she, Tommy and Ghost were doing secretly behind her back with her shop, we haven’t seen too much of her; especially, after the weird Russian guy walked into the shop. Did he kill her? Everyone has been asking “Where is Keisha?” “Is she dead?” “Is she alive?” Well, over […]

Wiz Khalifa must think weed is legal or he just really doesn’t care (side eye). Wiz was arrested at an airport in Texas after allegedly the TSA found a flaky green substance, he was arrested and taken into custody but wasn’t really phazed because he was taking selfies. According to TMZ  , “Cops say he […]

It’s hard for some biracial children to feel comfortable with who they are, especially depending on which neighborhood you grow up in. Check out one girl’s journey to find herself HERE

Single Ladies got it right this season.  Find out why — Cocoa Mommalicious

This season of Basketball Wives must be really bothering Tami Roman. Appearantly, she is upset that the producers & editors don’t display her in the right way with always showing her “outbursts”. She took time to write an “Open Letter” to Jennifer, Royce, Evelyn, Kenya, and Keisha. I usually don’t blog, but I felt a […]