Meet Daisy Dove Bloom, the daughter of Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom.

Katy Perry is going to be a new mama!! The singer revealed her baby bump in her new music video “Never Worn White”. This is Katy’s first baby & Orlando’s second! In addition to her new baby Katy could also be a new wife! Katy throws lots of hints in her lyrics singing  “I’ve never […]

Katy Perry is under major scrutiny but not for the reasons you may expect. According to TMZ, Perry’s latest shoe design could be yanked from the shelves because they resemble blackface. Based on the pictures above, both shoes have two eyes, a nose and red lips on them, giving the illusion that the shoe has […]

Juicy J invested in a water company named CORE in 2015 along with other celebrities Katy Perry. His investment has paid off because the company was brought for $525 Million by Keurig Dr. Pepper. Juicy J wrote on IG page, “The best investment I made in my life.”     “QCREW” to 24042 to join […]

Katy Perry breaks down crying about her fight with depression during a therapy session Friday with Dr. Siri Sat Nam Singh. During the conversation Perry opened up her past struggles with family, love, alcohol abuse and suicidal thoughts, which was the inspiration behind her 2013 song “By the Grace of God.” The intense session was […]

Who knew that Cardi B had a soft spot?!?! News to you too, right? Well it seems that someone (rumored to be Nicki Minaj) was the one who put the former ‘Love & Hip Hop’ reality star in her bag. According to “sources”, it was a line from Nicki Minaj’s verse from Katy Perry’s song, […]

Maybe Chilli and T-Boz will bestow a new track upon us for the holidays?

The Beliebers have been patiently waiting, and now their wishes are going to be fulfilled. Billboard has announced that Justin Bieber‘s next album will be releasing…

Yesterday, the music world seemed to erupt into a blow out, as Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift exchanged some tension on Twitter, and Meek Mill…